June 25, 2011

A Interview with Ricky Gettridge: A New Orleans Treasure


JC: How are you doing Ricky?

 RG: Yeah,  ya know man I'm just glad to get my  feet on the ground.  Yeah, that was just a horrible experience man.

JC: How did you end up in jail?

RG: I went to register to vote and they said I had a warrant for my arrest in Jefferson Parish.  They told to go over this place here and next thing I know I'm being told I'm getting arrested for a warrant.  They didn't have no proper arrest or nothing, no Miranda rights or nothing.  They just swept me up like they was kidnapping me.

JC: What you were thinking at that point?

RG: Well, they brought me up to the arresting place and put me in central lock up. After that it seemed like I was gonna be there not to long so that I could see the judge. It wasn't gonna be too long cause I wasn't to far from the judge and all.  Well, they kept me in central lock up for 3 days. Then they sent me to the other jail to go to Jefferson parish jail.  After that it was another week or two before I could even find out what happening or what the reasoning was.

JC: Let me get this straight. They didn't read you your Miranda rights, they didn't tell you what you were getting arrested for? Is that right?

RG: Yeah man,they didn't read no Miranda rights to me. They didn't tell me nothing man. Every time i would ask what I was getting arrested for all's they say is that I had a warrant in Jefferson Parish.  That's the only reply I could get out of them.

C: Your lawyer (Alison McCrary) told me you never once moved since this even started in '02. They knew where you were the whole time?

RG: Yeah man,  They sent me my letter stating my  time had been served and all. I didn't never move at all from this place. I was even in the papers a couple of times after I got out. I didn't rent no apartment or nothing.

JC: How did you get in touch with Alison?

RG: Actually, it wasn't me. One of my friends heard she worked for the musicians and all. They got in touch with her and let her know about me.  I thank God for that cause If it wasn't for her I don't know where I would be. I mean  I didn't have no way of paying for this.

JC: What did you do while you were incarcerated to keep your spirits up and keep you going?

RG:Well, I exercised , I read and I prayed. I'm a patriot ya know. I don't play no games. I acted the way I was supposed too. 

JC: When you were in Jefferson Parish did you notice any difference between the way you were treated as opposed to others?

RG: I didn't see any difference. We was all treated bad.

JC: Did your lawyer (Alison McCrary) have a problem dealing with Jefferson Parish?

RG: I don't know about the court but the judge seemed unreasonable with everything she came up with. All her papers and documents, witness statements everything man. He wanted to and  seemed determine to want to lock me up for more time.  From what I hear he wouldn't even read them. He wouldn't even consider them.  They gave her all kinds of hell for no reason.

JC: What's the next step for you now that you have this ordeal behind you.

RG: Well, I'm gonna go back to  my church and get my job back to  help feed the hungry. I just want to do what I can to help the community ya know. Just want to move on and help some folks ya know.

JC: What do you have to say to all those people who you know came to your side in your time of  need.

RG: Well, I  am so grateful to all the people who helped. Especially to Charles Silver and Alison  (McCrary). I am very thankful for all those people I don't know who have helped me. Without  all the people who I  know and don't know.  I would really be lost without them, really be lost. It's a miracle really and I'm so thankfully for all of you..

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